7 Most Interesting Brain Games Exclusively for Adults

Brain games are the best way to sharpen your mind and kill time, apart from preventing brain related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Based on the various recent studies and researches, playing brain games also helps you in keeping your brain and body healthy. This is one of the most common reasons for a lot of adults to start playing brain games which include, crossword puzzles , sudoko, scrabble, etc. So, here are top 10 interesting Brain Games that you should practice and follow closely to enjoy your free time and also keep your brain cells active.

1. Sudoko: A number-placement puzzle, sudoko includes a 9X9 number grid with 3X3 sub-grids. Some of the numbers are already filled in the grid, and you are expected to fill in the remaining numbers, ranging from 1-9 and not repeat any number in the grid.
Where to play: You may find this interesting brain game in daily newspapers, magazines, puzzle books available in bookstores and online gaming websites.

2. Boggle: Shake the tray provided with the letter imprinted dice. Let the dice settle into the 4X4 grid and then start 3 minute timer. Each player gets to find as many word as they can and gain point for every word found. However, the word should not be duplicated by another player.

Where to play: Boggle is a board game that is played by 2-4 players. The game is available on Amazon and also as an application in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You may play it for free online as well.

3. Bananagrams : Every player pulls 21 letter tiles and then compete other players by creating connecting and intersecting the words. The player who uses all the letter tiles shouts “Bananas!” to win the game.

Where to play: The game can be played by 2 or more players. It is available on Amazon at an amount less than $15. Books with bananagram puzzles are also published and available.

4. Set : A card game played by more than 2 players, the game requires every player to find a ‘Set’ which includes of 3 features (number, shape, colour) which are same or different on each card.

Where to play: The card game is available at less than $10 on Amazon. They are also available on the websote of New York Times.
5. Simon : This electronic disc game includes 4 buttons of different colours. When you press them, they play different tones. A random music is played using these buttons, which you need to reproduce by pressing the buttons in the right order.

Where to play: The game is available in different stores at a price of $9.

6. Lumosity Brain Games : A game that tests your different skills which include: verbal fluency, speed, memory, problem solving skills and focus.

Where to play: Game is available as an application in your iPhone and iPad.

7. Jigsaw Puzzles : Puzzles that can be played as an interesting social activity! Jigsaw puzzles are picture frames that need to be fit rightly to make the complete picture.

Where to play: Available as a game in stores and also online.