Crohn’s Disease And How You Can Get Rid Of It With Cannabis

Crohn’s Disease is a deadly disease because of the severity of the symptoms and the lack of availability of any treatment or cure. Those who suffer from this disease have to deal with the symptoms by using different medications. Cannabis or medical marijuana is the only medicine that will help the affected person to deal with all the symptoms at the same time.

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Anti bacterial effect: Diarrhea is a common symptom of Crohn’s Disease. This is because of the damage to the internal organs of the digestive system. The result is that the food that is consumed is not digested. This can lead to diarrhea. The other reason for the diarrhea is that the bacteria that are present in the food or in the gut can cause infection. Since the mucosal protective layer of the intestines is damaged in this disease, the natural bactericidal effect is lost. To overcome this problem, medical marijuana is used. This will help in ensuring that the bacteria are killed and the diarrhea is prevented. This actually helps the affected person to put on weight. Weight loss and malnutrition are the greatest problems seen in those who suffer from this disease. When cannabis is used regularly, it helps in the treatment of this disease by preventing diarrhea and helping the sufferers to put on weight.

Anti inflammatory effect: Inflammation is chronic in Crohn’s Disease. Inflammation can occur anywhere in the digestive system, but it is commonly present in the intestines. Intestinal inflammation is called as ileitis or colitis, depending on the area of the intestine where the inflammation occurs.

Pain relieving effect: Pain relief is another important reason why medical marijuana is used in the treatment of Crohn’s Disease. The pain is caused because of the irritation in the gut. The irritation leads to inflammation and this can lead to pain sensation. The pain is also because of the damage that has already occurred in the digestive system. The damage occurs mainly in the intestines, though it can occur anywhere in the digestive system, right from the mouth to the anus. The pain can be relieved with the use of cannabis. The cannabis helps to interfere with the pain sensation carried by nerves to the brain. This helps in reducing pain sensation.

The use of cannabis by those who suffer from Crohn’s disease will also help in boosting the immune system. This is accomplished by the antioxidant effect. The antioxidants help to control the free radicals in the body and thus treat the disease and reduce its severity.

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